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Marriages deserve elite archival documentation, regardless of budget. The intangibles and the artistry of your photographer will determine the quality of your keepsakes. Choose wisely.

Make Art of Your Love. Hire a true creative partner with high style and aesthetic consciousness. Create a personalized, artful wedding with Tyler Osborn Studios of Kansas City.

Every booked wedding includes a FREE engagement photo session with complimentary ceremony planning session. found forever love! Now choose your forever photographer. Earning your eternal business and becoming a professional part of your family is our goal. 

Call or message us for FREE consultation and professional guidance. We'll present package options with flexibility and honesty. We're easy to talk to and trusted by couples across the Midwest.

Our Studio Signature Photographic Style is known for compositional integrity, intimate narrative, gritty realism, and aesthetic clarity. Our Signature Style could be accurately described as more grit than glitz. 
The creative responsibility is always to serve the purpose and the client - making them look and feel empowered and presented at their very best. A photographer brings their aesthetic to the moment. Their style shows in the infinite and often inexplicable artistic choices made with instinct, expertise, and technical tools. 
DESCRIPTORS:  Crisp; Vibrant; Intimate; Gritty; Elite Treatments; Heirloom Archival Quality

Compositions seek to avoid cliche and attract revelation. A fine art eye prevails with emphasis on symmetrical conflict, negative space, and capturing images of meaningful consequence. Foundational fine art rules of engagement are strictly enforced - and then properly broken. 
Posing is natural and instinctual, seeking an unforced ease allowing a subject's honest emotion, personality, and most favorable attributes to be highlighted.   
Colors are vibrant, generally warm in balance, with accurate skin tones. Signature black & white images are high contrast crisp with deep blacks and episodic use of split-toning.  
Treatments are often desaturated with enhanced texture and image clarity. Edit descriptions range from painterly and ethereal to gritty gorgeousness. 

Our Studio Style is solid but always evolving. Learning never ends. We constantly experiment with new tools and techniques and blend approaches to challenge our creativity to better capture your story. 
Remember, your images should last forever. We make photographic artwork worthy of treasured status. Working with a true professional artist ensures your photographs will be meaningful, creative artworks cherished for generations. Don’t take pics…Make Art of Your Life.​​​​​​​


Naturally Romantic  |  Documentary Lifestyle  |  Editorial

are meant to give clients a general idea of what's possible. It also helps to know the lingo and makes conversations easier. 
Please understand some of each stylistic approach may be used in your session. Sessions often combine elements of each style, adjusting for location, lighting, client preferences, and creative opportunities. Situations, environments, attire, and personalities always dictate the appropriate style for each shot. 
Identifying your favorite style(s) however, provides a framework to creatively build upon. If we know what will most satisfy your personal aesthetic, we can more efficiently design your session and exceed your expectations. ​​​​​​​

Naturally Romantic Style

DESCRIPTORS:  Light ‘n’ Airy; Sun Soaked; Intimate; Ethereal; Breezy; Country; Natural
BEST FOR:  Nature Lovers; Outdoors; Rustic Vibes; Low-Key Clients; Warm Seasons
PALETTE:  Warm Colors; Natural Tones; Pales & Pastels; Lights & Brights
TREATMENTS:  Film; Vintage; Washed; Misty; Desaturated; Low Contrast; Mattes & Fades
MOOD & EMOTION:  Serenity; Timelessness; Sentimentality; Honesty; Storybook Sweetness
Our Naturally Romantic Style evokes softness and serenity. Best suited for outdoor environments or rustic venues, this style captures your love bathed in natural light. This style seeks intimate moments of tenderness and a timeless, natural feel. 
Airy, ethereal and occasionally whimsical, your images exude warm, soft tones and peaceful unplanned poses. Our Naturally Romantic Style also lends itself to either a “country chic” or “true vintage” look.

Documentary Lifestyle

DESCRIPTORS:  Reality Lifestyle; Documentary; Accessible; Unpretentious; Narrative; Authentic; Emotional; Relevant
BEST FOR:  Everyone’s Go-To; In or Outdoors; Straight-Forward Approach; All Seasons
PALETTE:  True to Life Colors; Neutral Tones
TREATMENTS:  Crisp Realism; Vibrant Real Colors; True Saturation & Contrast
MOOD & EMOTION:  Narrative Emotional Range; Memorable; Invested & Involved; Fun & Friendly
Our Documentary Style tells your story, expresses your lifestyle, and captures emotional moments with contextual realism. It captures life in action. This style is storytelling – a visual narrative revealing the natural mood and evolution of your events.
This documentary style demands the photographer anticipate human tendencies, show awareness and sensitivity, and possess intangible skills of both emotional and creative intelligence. A skilled documentarian is in the right place at the easily missed emotional moment, conscious of tears about to flow or hugs about to happen.
Editorial Style

DESCRIPTORS:  Dramatic; Striking; Stylishly Fashionable; Contemporary; Cosmopolitan; Statuesque
BEST FOR:  Stylish Clients; Dramatic Indoor Environments; A Bold Approach; Cool Seasons
PALETTE:  Rich Warms & Robust Cool Colors; Deep Tones; Darker Flavors
TREATMENTS:  High Clarity & Contrast; Deep Shadows; Rich Desaturated Vibrancy; Grit or Slick
MOOD & EMOTION:  Stoic; Venturous; Perfected & Posed; Dignified Elegance; Daring Pride
Our Editorial Style is dramatic and uses techniques familiar in commercial fashion photography. Think unsmiling slick pages of ‘Vogue’ or ‘W’ magazine. Editorial Style is staged and posed often with dramatic lighting and moody, cosmopolitan flare. It’s therefore very dependent upon personally attire, architectural aesthetics, and environmental dramatics. The emotion is less important than the framing and fashion. This style suits fearless, fashion forward clients with audacious attitudes.
To achieve these high style editorial looks, advanced shooting, lighting, and editing techniques must be knowledgeably employed. Though more demanding and time-consuming, Editorial Style sessions can produce enviously striking images.
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