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This is Ty, and I feel at home on stage more than any environment in the world. 
I've enjoyed a broad career as photographer, arts educator, writer, and visual artist, as well as thousands of performances and modest music recording career myself, so I deeply empathize with artists of all stripes. 
I feel the artist's pain because it's our life too.


We Get It - We Got It

If you're building a band, blowin' up a brand, need head shots or visual content please consider Tyler Osborn Studios. Message now & say what you need. Have a FREE chat to explore solutions and get creative advice.
Your career demands extraordinary visuals. You are the brand. 
We get it. We got it. ​​​​​​​
Jason Riley | Guitarist & Educator

Meet entertainment client Jason Riley. Mr. Riley has created an amazing music career as master of strings. Jason is an award-winning guitarist, recording artist, live performer, composer, guest lecturer, university professor, world traveler, and now owner of St. Joseph Arts Academy, the #1 music instruction school in NW Missouri. 
Cheers to the superbly accomplished professional, Jason Riley, for choosing Tyler Osborn Studios to Make Art of Your Career. ​​​​​​​
Ashlyn Ford | Actress & Musician

Meet entertainment client Ashlyn Ford, the young and already accomplished actress, vocalist and guitarist from St. Joseph, MO. We were hired to create a new professional portfolio to advance her career. She also desired a social media package and personal logo identity creation. Cheers to this wonderful family and the talented Ashlyn Ford for choosing Tyler Osborn Studios to Make Art of Your Career. ​​​​​​​
Social Content Solutions

Let us solve a problem. Social media. Well, we can't even begin to solve the problems social media presents, but we certainly can cure your visual content ills. We provide unique products for our market in an effort to make media headaches disappear. 

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