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Tyler Osborn Studios - Kansas City, MO USA

Track It's Alright from album Radio Fly by Tyler Osborn & Tailwagon  | copyright Innerthump Records

Tyler Osborn performing with Under the Influence

Hi, I'm Tyler Osborn

Thanks for exploring my work and considering our Studio. I welcome you and invite you to become part of our professional family. My life is lived in service to others and in support of goodness. 
I'm a small town son of Nebraska living for the past sixteen years here in Kansas City, MO. I believe in the triumph of kindness, empathy, competency, justice, and wilderness. A foundational experience in Drum & Bugle Corps (Crimson Cadets & Sky Ryders) opened my path to music performing, teaching, and photography at age twelve. 
Since, I've been blessed with a broad career in visual art, entertainment, and education. I'm a twenty-year pro of the arts industry with diverse experience and expertise across disciplines. 
I've worked in photography, graphic design, logo creation, identity branding, media public relations, commercial voice, and copywriting for entities including FXU, Creative Image, Chapman Recording Studios, Innerthump Entertainment, and St. Joseph Arts Academy.  
Early on as researcher and assistant curator to the internationally esteemed writer and renowned art historian, Marianne Berardi PhD (Heritage Auctions' Senior American Art Expert / Director of Old Master Paintings), I served the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art in production of a comprehensive exhibition and book celebrating the students and work of Thomas Hart Benton. 
I earned my BS Arts Education degree and the Distinguished Writing Across Curriculum Award from the University of Central Missouri. As a teacher I achieved tenure at two institutions, as both photography & visual art educator and director of vocal & instrumental music. The work of my talented students has been seen and heard by nearly 4 million people, including 1 million during the 2015 Kansas City Royals World Series Championship parade. I've been recognized as three-time Grammy Music Educator Award nominee, recipient of PTA's Distinguished Service Award, and SBO Magazine's Directors Who Make A Difference national award-winner. 
My writing on art and cultural criticism has been published by Review Magazine, The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art, The Kansas City Star, The Barstow School, and the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art.
Some may recognize me as songwriter and vocalist of InnerThump Records recording artists Under the Influence. My music catalog holds work with platinum award-winning producer / engineer, Ken Paulakovich (The Offspring, Gloria Estefan, Quiet Riot), with three full-length and two EP albums including U+I's groundbreaking 1997 What Is, and Tailwagon's acclaimed 2015 Radio Fly. Together U+I continue our decades-long friendship and musical love affair, now with a limited live performance schedule. 
Art is my framework for living. Though less than years past, I continue to paint and produce works on paper, mostly large-scale landscape and abstraction. But it is photography that binds my diverse career. First with film, now with full frame sensors, a Nikon camera has been there for everything. 
A photo passion is now profession. I operate Tyler Osborn Studios, a full service photographic art studio in KC, a position that synthesizes years of varied experience into success for my clients. 
My name is Ty and I'm finding my way, just like you. I'm returning to nature, holding faith in democracy, playing ball with the dog, growing vegetables, and working to provide extraordinary products & value to our customers. 
My aim is to be of service to humanity and an artist creating objects of beauty, generational meaning and aesthetic value. 
Cheers, -T.O.


Studio Standards & Practices

If you’re reading this and have visited a few pages of our site, you are exactly the type of discerning client we endeavor to inscribe.
We likely share the values of clear communication, reliable quality, and honorable practice. We most likely share a loathing of mediocrity and desire for excellence. We love a great bargain especially when accompanied by extraordinary quality and service. Hello peeps! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying our work.
Information is power. I’m innately an educator and really enjoy sharing our growing knowledge and artistic passion with you. Wisely investing in photography services demands diligence. 
Providing useful information and professional guidance only strengthens our relationship with clients. No matter whether you’re purchasing our products or services or not, we sincerely hope the info here is helpful to your search or even your own photography interests.
Learning never ends. Our team is always driving toward reflective improvement; constantly learning and trying to better ourselves, our technique, and our business. 
We remain on the cutting-edge of our industry while holding fast to aesthetic foundations. We seek to deliver the finest, most informed experience and product available.
Our team’s goal is to be good, do great business, and make gorgeous art.

Sylvia Thompson and Sam the Shelter Superdog

Meet Sylvia & Sam

Sammy girl's cuteness demands first introduction. Meet Sam "The Shelter Superdog," our Studio mascot and Sylvia's main squeeze. We adopted her in 2014 from the wonderful Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, KS. 
Sam is the best of all breeds, mixed. She's a vet staff favorite and almost never met a human unworthy of kisses. 
You may first recognize my TO Studios vehicle on the road by catching sight of Sam's mug prominently out the passenger side. It's not the only reason people smile our way on the road, but I find it doesn't seem to happen when Sam's left at home. 
Sammy is a brindled sixty-pound snuggle bug and the only wild animal currently in our stable, though goats and chickens will continue as a topic of conversation. 
Speaking of goats and chickens, meet the gorgeous Sylvia Thompson. Her heart belongs to Sam and the well-being of animals. If she had her way, she'd be on the family farm right now running an animal rescue and helping one-legged foul find forever homes. 
Sylvia's educational expertise is visual merchandising, marketing and management having earned her fashion degree from Stephens College in Columbia, MO. She has served in visual and management roles for a number of leading fashion companies. Sylvia has studied and worked across the states and abroad in London, Paris , Venice, and Milan. 
Sylvia Thompson serves as Stylist & Production Designer for Tyler Osborn Studios ensuring the comfort of our clients and the styling perfection of our sessions. She's a highly competent manager, organizer, and session planner. Sylvia also performs as our second shooter for weddings and large events. 
Together, Sylvia Thompson and I act as a team to provide extraordinary skill, education, experience, warmth, and good nature to our growing group of Studio clients. 
We can't wait to learn about you. Thanks for your interest in Tyler Osborn Studios. We hope to be of service to you or your business. 


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